“Gracias Soboce por la carrera bonita!”

18 Sep

Last Sunday I ran a 10k in Santa Cruz. I haven’t entered a race in nearly a year, and I’ve been running about 50% as much as used to when I was competing for real, but when I heard that they were giving away sweet cash prizes to the top 6 women in each age group, I figured I had to enter. I mean, really, top six gets prize money? And this is Bolivia, where people really don’t run. I assumed I was a shoe-in for some dinero. I ended up taking second for my age group, earning 900 Bolivianos (the equivalent of nearly $130 !!!!). I really was hoping to win the whole darn thing, but I didn’t feel too bad about it after I was informed that the female winner is the  “best runner in Bolivia.” She kinda kicked my butt, so good for her. But, last time I won something for running it was a $50 gift certificate to Thunder Cloud Subs after taking first in my age group at the 5 mile turkey trot in Austin. Free subs was pretty awesome, but real money is so much more awesome. That kind of cash could buy me like a billion sandwiches in Bolivia! Anyway, people were pretty excited to see a gringa on the podium, and after the awards ceremony I was attacked by reporters and people wanting to interview me for their newspaper or radio show. It was mildly embarrassing. My friends were getting a huge kick out of it, though. The best was when Soboce, the company that helped put on the event, asked me to do a spot for one of their TV commercials. “Look into the camera and thank Soboce for the great race,” they demanded (in Spanish). OK, whatever: “Gracias Soboce por la carrera bonita!” They were thrilled. I should have asked for more money.

Oh, did I mention I was in the newspaper? Here I am on the podium with the other champions. I love the novelty oversized check and the giant grin on my face. Can you tell how seriously I took this?  My students loved that I was in the paper, by the way. Miss Hansen is freaking famous now.


2 Responses to ““Gracias Soboce por la carrera bonita!””

  1. Cathy September 22, 2011 at 19:40 #

    Yeah for Katie – go Katie go –

  2. Nick September 24, 2011 at 10:27 #

    Congrats, Scrabble chica!

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